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Shared Harvest is a social enterprise benefit corporation providing public health relief, education and guidance to vulnerable communities while building for-purpose health technology solutions to tackle frontline workforce wellness.


We are a mission-oriented company leading systemic change through empathy-driven technology. Our non-profit 501c3 is tackling the student debt crisis and advocating for mental health for our frontline and community health workers and practitioners. Our objective is to provide medical relief, volunteer management, and workforce capacity-building.


Campaign Project #RESUS is a $25M endeavor to strengthen the BIPOC medical pipeline through a series of debt reduction initiatives, mental health services, and building a network of clinical resources and tools for young health professionals.


This unique program addresses health inequities and supports frontline health professionals while also helping under-resourced communities access vital health services from a diverse population of health practitioners.


The US Healthcare System is in crisis, and the COVID-19 pandemic has just exacerbated this crisis. Our frontline workers are mentally, emotionally, and financially exhausted.


If we do not act now, the BIPOC and female professional medical practitioner pipeline will continue to be depleted, adversely impacting access to healthcare across the country.


FINANCIAL SECURITY:  Shared Harvest works with non-profit community organizations and for-
profit social enterprises to offer project-based volunteer and/or employment opportunities for BIPOC and female-identified medical practitioners. Network members are guaranteed up to $1000 a month in financial payments toward their student loan debt. Medical practitioners can pay off up to $100,000 in student loan debt over the course of the three-year pilot program via Project #RESUS.

EMOTIONAL WELLBEING:  Shared Harvest works with a network of clinical behavioral health providers to offer
free AND confidential mental health and wellness services. Services are accessible 24/7, both in-person and virtually. Furthermore, clinical behavioral health providers are available without the burden of the practitioner’s employer finding out, giving them the opportunity to access support whenever and wherever is best for them.

PRACTICE DEVELOPMENT: Shared Harvest offers mentorship and educational opportunities with experts
from an array of healthcare fields that help to support practitioners’ career goals and professional development. Practitioners who participate gain valuable insight, develop leadership skills, engage in interactive career development opportunities, and receive continuing education credits.

PEER-TO-PEER LEARNING:  Shared Harvest creates safe spaces for BIPOC and female-identified medical
practitioners to network, share information, gain support, develop personal connections, create opportunities, and learn from one another to advance their careers. Networking forums are available in-person and virtually through the use of online membership groups, resource libraries, and soon-to-be shared clinical workspaces nationwide.

OUR GOAL is to transform the culture of healthcare by combating structural racism, addressing workforce inequities, as well as increasing access to a diverse community of medical practitioners who have improved emotional well-being. Shared Harvestsupports BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) and female-identified medical practitioners in achieving financial freedom and fulfilling professional goals.


Together we can RESUScitate the pipeline of medical practitioners.


  • Media & Medicine: I Am Not Your Hero, directed by Kelli Kali, explores the unique mental health challenges and experiences of BIPOC doctors. It reveals the toll that caring for others takes on African American doctors, mothers and wives –  and particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic – and their desire to be seen for who they are: talented doctors and ordinary people.

  • Jouvé: Our volunteer management solution remains the first of its kind to transform the liability of student loan debt into an asset class for social change. We match skills-based volunteers with opportunities to increase their social impact while reducing their student loan debt burden.

  • ​Jouvé Health: A Career Match Worth Celebrating - Jouvé is the health careers matching technology platform worth celebrating! Jouvé Health is a SaaS platform created by Shared Harvest Fund to solve the nation's crisis of healthcare staffing, burnout, and student loan debt.

We help companies find and retain diverse talent, deliver value-based care, and manage retention programs by ensuring each contract includes a fair and competitive student loan repayment & wellness benefits package.

Shared Harvest launched our empathy-driven technology back in 2018 (pre-pandemic!) matching skills-based volunteers with nonprofit organizations while reducing their burden of student loan burden.

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