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Shared Harvest is a social enterprise B Corporation with a mission to spread compassion through wellness, service and relief. Our empathy-driven tech (empatech™) platforms to close the equity gaps in access to care, access to digital health solutions, and access to wellness tools and resources for BIPOC health workers.  

myCovidMD™  and the Community Health Partners (CHP) Network direct resources to residents in low-resourced communities in real time through a value-based care coordination model.   

Jouvé - Our volunteer management solution remains the first of its kind to transform the liability of student loan debt into an asset class for social change. We match skills based volunteers with opportunities to increase their social impact while reducing their student loan debt burden.

Jouvé Health - is an upcoming healthcare talent matching solution for enterprise partners who are focused on advancing health equity.   We ensure healthcare workers get access to career opportunities that offer a fair and competitive wellness package and student loan repayment option.  

Project #RESUS is our service initiative aimed at strengthening the BIPOC medical pipeline with an intentional effort to reduce depression, burnout and suicide amongst providers that are Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC).  We use the medium of film to produce documentaries that shed light to health inequities facing minority medical providers.  

Shared Harvest is a force for building a trusted, culturally competent health network that also takes care of its own. If you want to be part of the CHP network, or partner with us through your organization, connect with us!

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